The top 3 pubs in Nice

Wayne’s bar:

He has been here a long time, and for the English who make a stopover in Nice after long months of travel, they feel at home because it’s exactly as if one was in a London pub. Also, of course, all French boys fascinated by English culture, especially food, love has to navigate to enjoy the various dishes which contains English cuisine. Thus, to speak the language of Shakespeare in the middle of old town is amazing, not to mention other nationalities who gather as Danish Swedish girls are highly appreciated by young Italians, who were fierce and seductive. I must warn you ladies out there if you always choose a French boy, these are the only ones who can be trusted.
If you love music, this is Wayne’s where we find the best groups especially from London, and one can see the little harmless spectator, sometimes as Snoop and Bono came to discover some revelations of British pop.
Finally, if you like dancing, be aware that after 22h is dancing on the tables. It is terrible and so much fun that sometimes we fall on the people below … careful not to drink over 15 pints and six shots per person, after I no longer meets the follow! know when even after Wayne’s other pubs open barely, so keep some room for more.

Ma Nolan

This is a pub where you can watch any sport, like cricket, football game and current sports like football or tennis but it’s very nice atmosphere,
In the evening there are often groups who come to play if we want to make an output that is the coolest pub or to go.

Paddys pub

If you’re Irish this is the pub or you end up talking with Irish travelers or the old town.
Very good beers