Hill of Nice Castle

Nce Castle is a must pass, the reasons to visit the hill abound. Upon entering the hallway that leads you to the elevator tells his story . During your not , it reminds you of the defensive role it played a millennium of the city of Nikaia for close to the county of Nice. Arriving at the summit after a detour through the ruins, the fort gives way to an island of greenery, walking allows us to appreciate its summer freshness. Sitting on a bench, enjoying the romantic route with its deciduous trees, and of course one of the best views of the city.



A small detour to the waterfall is needed , and why not enjoy the arcs in the sky that are not uncommon in this place. Games, attractions, and entertainment will delight children. Finally the splendid view of the “Baie des Anges” delight children and adults. There is even talk of the cradle of the sun as the views are amazing at any time of day. The visit of the castle hill is not to be missed.