Les Plages Electroniques

Throughout the summer, Cannes holds an electronic music festival most Wednesday evenings.  So if you’re visiting Hostel Smith mid-week this is a perfect night time adventure for far cheaper than you might expect!  Tickets to the festival cost just 15 euros for 5 hours of music and a great atmosphere.

Just hop on a bus or a train for the 7pm start.  You can get a cheap bus for 1,50€ or the train which costs a little bit more but is far faster.  The stage is on the beach right next to the water which provides a beautiful setting both before the sun has set and afterwards as the water becomes lit up by lights. There is everything you need inside from drinks, toilets, and food.  The nutella crepes are a definite must!


You can dance the night away both with travellers from around the world and locals of the French Rivieria.  Just after midnight things begin to wrap up, so it’s time to either head home or to the afterparty at a Cannes nightclub.  If you decide to go back to Nice straight away, then there is a night bus you can catch from the Hotel de Ville for just 3 euros all the way back to Place Massena which is just minutes from the hostel.  If you decide to experience the nightlife in Cannes too though, then you’ll need to catch the first train back at 5am.

Les Plages Electroniques 2013 - Scene in Cannes for the festival 2013