The Best Places in Nice for an Evening Apertif

With the warm nicoise air, nothing is nicer than to sit outside in the evening and have a refreshing drink.  There are many different bars you can go to that are not too far from the hostel.

HI beach bar provides a fun atmosphere with seats for drinking and also a dance floor if you are in such of a more lively evening.  I’s beach side location provides a great view, perfect for sipping at a cocktail or another cold drink.

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Alternatively, Voilier Plage has a great apertif evening every Wenesday which is great for meeting other people in Nice and enjoying a drink.

If you are really looking to get dressed up though, Les Caves Du Bubbles should be your destination.  One of Nice’s classiest wine bars, Les Caves Du Bubbles offers a very elegant atmosphere where you have to dress to impress.  It may not be the best place for those on a budget, but hey even backpackers needs to splash out and treat themselves every once and a while!