Night Life in Nice

As France’s fifth largest city, Nice has a great nightlife for hostel guests of all personalities and interests.  What’s more is that Hostel Smith’s location is perfect for whatever night out you’re looking for as it is right in the centre of the old town just minutes from all the hot spots.

With a communal kitchen and reception area, Hostel Smith is an excellent place to meet like-minded backpackers and travellers of all ages.  Every evening the kitchen becomes the centre of social activity as people cook their meals together and begin to discuss their evening plans.

hostel smith

So where do visitors of Hostel Smith end up upon leaving the hostel?  Well, there are indeed many places to go in the evening but one place seems to come out as the top destination time and time again…. Wayne’s! (see the top 3 pubs in Nice).


Wayne’s is just a three minute walk from the hostel and is open every day and evening during the summer.  Throughout the day and early evening it is a restaurant and bar that is also very popular among travellers.  At night though, Wayne’s really takes off though with live music and a packed atmosphere.  You can spot it from afar from the crowd on the street outside of locals and tourists. There is never an entry fee which is perfect for bargain hunting backpackers and budget travellers.  Once inside you can make your way to the bar, to a table for a chat, or into the back room for live bands that play popular covers.  Once it hits midnight things start to get a little more crazy and everyone starts to dance on the tables and really sing along.


If you prefer a more sophisticated evening though, Nice has its fair share of sophisticated bars and one particularly high end night club: High Club.  This is the place to go if you want to get dressed up and if you have a few extra euros to spend.  Their beach bar is also a great place to go because of its beautiful setting along the beach.

high club

A cheap alternative though is to pack your own picnic and drinks and sit down on the beach.  There are always a lot of people and it is a great way to meet others.  Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to witness a free firework show!

Firework in Nice