Exploring Where the Rich and Famous Live on a Budget

Not too far from Nice, and of course Hostel Smith, lies Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. Cap Ferrat is a beautiful town with amazing beaches, so unsuprisingly all the celebs want their summer homes somewhere along its cape….this has made Cap Ferrat the 2nd most expensive place to buy a residential property in the world.  The beach pictured below is called Paloma Beach and provides a stunning view.

Paloma Beach

But as just an ordinary backpacker or budget traveller, you too can enjoy this serene and beautiful area for so cheap you won’t believe!  Start off your day early catching the bus to Villefrance-Sur-Mer.  It’s bus number 100 from Place Garibaldi which is just a short five minute walk from the hostel and costs a mere €1,50.  Get off the bus at the stop called Octroi, which is just 15 minutes or so along the route.  From there you can wander down the hill into the Old Town of Villefranche, which is much smaller than in Nice but equally interesting.  Wander into a shop and purchase some cheese, salami, crisps, or whatever takes your fancy for your sandwhich filling.  Then head into one of the cute little bakeries for some incredibly fresh bread and head down to the beach.  Here you can have a quick swim and enjoy your handmade and budget lunch with a killer view of the town.  Villefranche has much smaller stones, and while it is not quite sand, it is for sure much more comfortable to sit on while you enjoy your cheap and cheerful picnic.

L'Oursin Bleu restaurantView to Villefranche from Cap Ferrat

After lunch, it’s time to start the walk to the next stop on your day time adventure.  Walk along the beach to the stairs leading up on the far side and take them to the top.  From there follow the signs to Cap Ferrat and then to Paloma Beach.

Paloma Beach entrance

From there you can lounge on the beach and go for a swim for free.  The view of the cliffs and the boats is one that no photo can do justice.

Paloma Beach

On the beach there is a little restaurant which also serves delicious icecreams, and surprisingly they are very affordable.  For just 2 euro you can enjoy a yummy scoop of icecream and watch the boats drift about-a perfect price and afternoon for any hostel goer.

Finally, it is time for one last little walk.  Walk along to the right of the beach and follow the path around the cape: you won’t regret it.  The views just get better and better as you meander along and you can truly appreciate why the celebs love Cap Ferrat.


After your walk you can catch bus 81 from the center of Cap Ferrat for the budget price of 1,50 euro all the way back to Nice and Hostel Smith.