Nice in miniature

Here is a fancy video that shows many areas of Nice in a way that it looks like a miniature, or lego toys.

Made using a Nikon D3100 in tilt shift mode.

What we like about this video is that you can see the different areas of Nice, such as the Promenade des Anglais, with the nearby Mediterranean Sea. In this video, the sea shows only two colors, and sometimes three. This is due to the deep after only a few meters from shore.
Here are presented the various districts from North to South. It sees the “Stade du Ray” that will be moved ont the “Plaine du Var” next year because the current capacity is too small to accommodate the future European Cup to be held in Nice for four games in 2016.
One can easily see that Nice is a great city is indeed the fifth largest city in France, and the department’s most visited France after Paris.

The foreground of the video is the view from the castle hill, and the hostel is at the foot of the hill. It sees the sea first point of presentation is what makes the Riviera. Foreign tourists still come for her, and gradually the city turned to tourism.
The Riviera has a lot of history are the various waves of immigration tourism. It came first for its mild climate and its sea baths, where the idea for some to build a promenade from which you could walk while seeing the sea is when the English community had the idea to build a promenade, paid by him, and built by architects they had brought from England and the builders workmen. Therefore, the city, to thank them, was named this promenade, with views over the sea, the Promenade des Anglais.

On the second level, we see the Jardin Albert 1st, bottom left of the screen, where the summer they play music in a booth, which is very nice because of its location facing the sea. For the romantic I am, there listening to operatic arias and classical music.

The third plan is the new Nice balcony. We present a sudden the city is breathtaking! and the ground was built a human sundial, just keep right on it to tell time. It was useful because, from there, you can not see past the hour.

The fourth plan we presented the tram that the city is so proud. It was a huge success and our builder mayor, Christian Estrosi, had the idea to build the second tram line that would run from the airport and go to the port. We then see the fountains at the Place Massena, where it is good to sit the summer to be refreshed before resuming the ride.
It may also include, for the following plan, the city of Nice was a fishing town, where it fed his population, and has remained a tradition: The Putin, a fish fry, which are Nice so fond.
The Old Town of Nice is presented by the market covered tents. Then, every Monday, is the antique market, great for bargain hunters, it is incredible! And for the most talented, a chance to practice his art of discovery of rare objects.
The camera moves away from the center to explore the entire city, but it’s difficult because if one compares the Mona Lisa Nice, it sometimes takes centuries to understand all its uniqueness.

Enjoy your visit!