Soul Jazz night at Cours Saleya

Carole Davis & Peter Skrabak perform Soul Jazz night at Café des Fleurs, Cours Saleya.

  • WHAT: Carole Raphaelle Davis, Atlantic Records recording artist, singer/songwriter, actress and president of Riviera Rescue will be performing an eclectic and acoustic American Soul Jazz Review with Peter Skrabak.
  • WHEN: Wednesday October 13th and Thursday October 14th @ 6PM-8PM
  • WHERE: Café des Fleurs, Cours Saleya, Nice

Carole Davis on Sex and the City

Songwriter career

Carole’s songwriting career includes Slow Love, written for Prince and recorded by Prince on the Grammy Award winning album, Sign O’ the Times.
Carole recorded her own version of the song on her Warner Bros record, Heart of Gold.

The Riviera Rescue

See Carole’s Riviera Rescue story of how 6 dogs were saved from euthanasia in Los Angeles shelters and airlifted to Nice to loving adoptive homes here on the Riviera.
The rescue was on the front page of Nice Matin and was featured by France 3.